Burial Ground


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John Chaos Alexander
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John Chaos Alexander Really cool Grinding Death Metal!!
fans of Nasum , Gets Worse, Rotten Sound , The Kill, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Assuck, Maruta, Krupskaya, Eaten, Population Control, World Peace,Brutal Truth, Napalm Death.
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Coming from Belo Horizonte (MG), the land of the cult mighty Brazilian 80′s/90′s metal legends, EXPURGO rises from the grave with their first full-length material.

Highly influenced by grindcore and goregrind bands, BURIAL GROUND is ready to prove once again why they are one of the sickest Brazilian bands and why they have reached this great status!

For sure BURIAL GROUND will put them at the forefront of the new Brazilian grind elite. Savage grind brutality on its finest form, highly recommended for fans of Regurgitate, Phobia and Dead Infection.

Also guest vocal appearance by André Luiz (Lymphatic Phlegm / Offal).

Expurgo is:
Anderson: drums
Bruno: bass
Philipe: guitars+vocals
Egon: vocals


released October 16, 2013

• “Burial Ground” was recorded, mixed, produced and mastered by André Marcio & Alan Wallace and EXPURGO at WZ Studios, Belo Horizonte|MG - Brazil.
• Recorded between June & August 2009.
• Mixed and mastered between January & February 2010.
• All music by EXPURGO.
• All lyrics by EXPURGO except “Purging the Phlegm” written and recorded additional vocals by André Luiz.
• Front cover by Anderson L. A.
• Art direction by Fernando Camacho



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Impressive Demolish Music Arsenal

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Track Name: Blast Of Truth
Just a rat
I’m just a rat
Crushed by the walls of confinement
By the good desires
And help intent
Wrong feelings
Wrong directions
Wrong people
They only deserve my anger
My hate
Hope to change something
I believe in this inner power
I believe in this inner maker
Still growing up
Day by day
Show me the way
Terrifying my eyes with the
Blast of truth
Track Name: Only The Depressive Trades
Only The Depressive Trades

submerge in a world of the lowest culture
i’m a product of myself
imploding in a vast quintessential destructive
being a part of
only the depressive trades
i’ve lost my thoughts
and see the other ones
what i’ve become
a slave of putrid things
a beast compelled to consume
Track Name: No Chance To Refuse
No Chance To Refuse

Connections Around Me
Plugs In Everywhere
I Discover My Body
It’s A Huge Borg Life
No Chance To Refuse
A Huge Borg Life

Ignorance Is A Blessing
Avoids The Suicide
Hides The Brutal Truth

The Goals Of My Work
It’s Do What
The Corp. Order
They’re Almighty
Catch More Victims
Alienate Them

To Join The Corp. Army
To Obey With No Regrets
To Kill With No Complain
Track Name: Affected By Disequilibrium
Affected By Disequilibrium

Globalized Minds, Mass Confusion
Violence Unleashed, Neural Net Overload
Mental Disturb, Emotional Diffusion
One More Natural Catastrophe
Garbage Clone, Cybernetic Misc
Quantum Chaos Tranquility
Nuclear Winter Serenity
Eco Lung…
Human Manufacture, Process Control
Index By Order Code
Zero Emocional Insert
Metal Oxide Varistors
Human Neural Motor
Affected By Disequilibrium
Track Name: Trapped

My Body Is Broken
My Mind Fails
In A World Of Pure Heresy
I Pay My Feelings
With Blood Of Torture
I’m A Wisdom Prisoner
Trapped In The Church
Of My Own Head
Mind Prisoner
Track Name: Nothing Becomes Ruin
Nothing Becomes Ruin

I See His Torment
I See His Suffering
And All I Do
And All I Do Is Stand For
Nothing Becomes Ruin
I See His Doom
I See His Eternal Pain
And All I Do
And All I Do Is To Feel

Nothing About It

Why My Apathy
Torn Apart
My Path To My Salvation?
Track Name: Palestine Guts
Palestine Guts

Clap Your Hands
To Another Massive Attack
This Is My Report
Only Children Guts On My Front Door

History Bitter End…

Can We Really Trust In This?
Track Name: Brain Pulsing
Brain Pulsing

Sequencing And Controlling
Pulsing The Amount
Of Current Pulsing
The Frequency And Duration
Brain Pulsing
Of The Headache
Track Name: Human Hardware Dysfunction
Human Hardware Dysfunction

The Vicious Blinds The Character
“You Can’t See Beyond My Eyes”
Distortions Compulsive Thoughts
My Brain Starts A Convulsion
My Greed Destroy My Own Dreams
Dysfunction - The Unknown Side Of A Human Brain
A Human Brain
The Only Hardware That Has Many Errors
All That Stuffs Are Going Back To Point Zero
Mad Men Consume Themselves For Nothing
Man Hardware Man
Wasted Time While We Are Dying
Malfunction Aggressive Noise
We Can Hear
Our Ears Are Bleeding Oil
We Became Machines Of Ourselves
Track Name: Plasma Arc
Plasma Arc

Arc Cutting Flesh
Process That Cut Several Metals
Using A Constricted Arc
To Melt A Small Area Of The Dissection

To Cut All Metal, Flesh N’ Bones
Try To Keep A Sight
In This Tool Of Divide

Make Sure That You
Are Still Human
Cause Plasma Arc Cutting Flesh
Will Be Used To Melt Your Soul
The Words Of Offense
Will Severally Dope You

To Cut All Metal, Flesh N’ Bones
Try To Keep A Sight
In This Tool Of Divide
Track Name: Interruption Request
Interruption Request

A Dangerous Place
An Obliterated Inferno
Disfigured Species
And Malformed Kinds Of Life
Chemical Warfare Is Consuming
The Entrails Of This Vast Place
Biomech Structures
Software Viruses
Data Killer Base
Erase Thoughts
Neurological Disease - Tabun
Blisters The Internal Skin
Melphalan - Eyes Are Burnt By Blood
Blood Gas
Discharge Of Scraps And Plasma
Pan Fucking Epidemic That Fall In Obliteration
This Anomaly Hunger
Track Name: Aufklärung

Here Comes The Shine One
The Being That Knows The Reason And Faith
With Their Algebraic Laws
The World Has Change In Vast Desert
Of Cold And Silver Proteic Cyborgs
Once They’re Called Humans
But Now Is Consistent Mass Matrix
Jesus, Krishna, Buda
Aufklärung Of An Inercial Coefficients
Daemon Cartesianus
Theos Aristotelicus
Aufklärung - The Primal Motor
Track Name: End Of Line
End Of Line

Beneath A Prototype
Serial Recorded Like
A Finished Number Tag
Another Code To Society Collects
Here Is The End Of The Line
Where Everything Rises
To Start A New Level
Erased Memories
Tears Drop Down
A New Man Afflicted
By His New Fresh State
Of Consciousness
This Is The End Of The Line
Track Name: Madness And Reason
Madness And Reason

The Sound Of Vastness
Cracked My Skull
Shattered My Bones
Grind My Ears
It Shows Me That
I’m Invalid Being
Yes, It Was This That I Am Looking For All This Years
The Conclusion That Human Being Is A Polluted Agent
Acting By The Order Of Chaos
Eyes Were Smashed By The
Completely Interruption Of Lucid Intervals
Breed, But I Am No Breeder
Think, But I Am No Thinker
Leave This Old Body In His Cursed Room
Awake Of Madness And Reason
The Desert Of Vastness
Track Name: Spell Or Xenophobism
Spell Or Xenophobism

This I Want To Hear
Let’s Try To Finish This Shit
Just A Fuck Spell
To Kill Xenophobism?
Track Name: Sofrer Em Paz
Sofrer Em Paz

O Que Eu Mais Quero
E Andar Na Surdina
Tapar Os Ouvidos
Esquecer Das Mentiras
Pode Mudar O Meu Destino
So Preciso De
Sofrer Em Paz

Track Name: Sense Power, Be Dead!
Sense Power, Be Dead!

You Always Scream For More
Never Satisfied
You Kill To Ascend
The Power Corrupts Worth
Sense Power, Be Dead!
Track Name: Exploitation

So Much Humiliation
Raised At Lives Cost
So Much Corruption
Orchestrated By The Bastard’s Gains

Broken Hope Remaining Unanswered
In Hearts Numbed By Their Own Fucking Pain

Nowadays Only Hatred
Of Masses In Internal Crisis
Nowadays Only Apathy
Of Those Who Placated Their Anger

Breaking Their Own Damned Faith
Blinding You And Sinking You To Shit
Ideology On Mind, Misery On Matter
Turn You Into A Good Follower

Track Name: Condemned

Once And For All
Bring Your Existence
It’s Your Desire To Live A Common Life
And Enter In The Life´s Parallel Void
We Are Condemned
To Extinguish The Changes
Face The Real World: We Are A Piece Of Shit
Condemned To Suffer In This Prison Of Flesh And Fluids
Track Name: Time Rips Us Out
Time Rips Us Out

Always Have No Time
This Clue Is Too Much Straight
Trying To Get An Alibi
To Trick With All Full Time
Trick All Full Time
A Slave Of Cursed Count
I Can’t Escape Of This Trial
Bring Me Some Kind Of Hope
The Time Is Drowning Me To Nuts
Look All Around To Try
Be Not Compromised
With This Kind Of Control
Time Consume My Soul
Track Name: Worthless Anger
Worthless Anger

Look At The Mirror
You Won’t See Anything
Walk On Untouchables
Lands Of Mind
You Won’t Hear Anything
Dillusion World…
Those Are Tools Of An Inner Self-crime
Self Mutilated Body
In Physical Terms
In Psychological Terms
This Is What We Do To Ours
Unknown Victims
This Is What We Become
Our Own Plague
Dillusion World…
Worthless Anger
Neglect The People Face
Is How We Can Deal, How We Can Handle
Of This Misery Situation
Denying The Fear That Run Inside Us
Track Name: Purging The Phlegm
Purging The Phlegm

Purging The Phlegm And
Disgorging The Lymph
Fellowship Of Gore!

phlegm Purge
And Lymphatic Disgorgement
Gore Grind Obsession
Fellowship Of Gore!
Track Name: One Day Of Terror
One Day Of Terror

Mark My Words
There’s No Fight Back
In This Way To Live
Today You Are Caught
Tomorrow Your Descendents
And One By One Will Live
A Day Of Terror
One Day Of Terror
If You Won’t Break The Chains
Only Horror Will Remain
The Crew Of Assassins Is Hung
You Become Their Most Precious Prey
Track Name: Chaotic State Of Adiction
Chaotic State Of Adiction

Keep An Eye Upon My Eyes
Keep Your Body Behind My Body
Keep The Strength That Won’t Let Me Down
Keep My Creepy Awareness
Far Away From Me
Chaotic State Of Addiction
The Deconstruction Of This Healthier State
This State Of Illness
Bring Me Some Future Goal
This State Of Blindness
Can Show Me The Path
I Can’t Live Without It Anymore
I Can’t Stand My Life Looking The Past
Keep Chaotic State Of Addiction
The Only Way I Can Survive
Existence Through Deep Dependency
The Huge Level Of Highness
It Will Blow My Veins
Keep This Syringe Stock On Me
I Want All The Substance On My Brain
It Is What A Fuck You Call Oxygen
Track Name: Spread Our Cancer
Spread Our Cancer

Inside My Head
Images Of Armageddon
Play Full Around
See This Shit
Just A Few Seconds
Spread Our Cancer!!!
And Forget Your Happy World
This Fake Don’t Exist Anymore
Let All Creatures Of Dirty Imagination
Spread Our Cancer!!! Parasite!
Spread Our Cancer!!! Mummified!
Guide You And Me To Another Reality
Building Another Place
Spread Our Cancer!!! Parasite!
Spread Our Cancer!!! Mummified!
Spread Our Diseases In New Lands
That’s The Future
Inside My Head
Track Name: Não (Part I)
Não (Part I)

Track Name: Regurfecontovoremintocegues

Track Name: Não (Part II)
Não (Part II)


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