Deathless Beauty of the Silence


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SEXUAL RELIGIOUS DEMENTIA Religious Life Based on Lies Sins of Flesh, Impure Desires God’s disciples in lust Proving the taste of flesh Let the children come to me Sexual religious dementia Priests raping the innocence Sexual religious dementia A pact of cum Pleasures of the flesh Possession of a pure body Let Us Pray Rape In Church You must Have Faith Sexual Favours Let us pray Rape – Sexual Possession Church in lust Where has written your laws? Your hypocrisy’s mask falls down Let us pray
MY WORD AGAINST YOUR LIES Religious Cancer Obstructed From a Church’s Corpse Pathetic Liar Death Poems Written With Blood The Truth –Between Life And Dead My Word Against Your Lies Discord Among the Men My Word Against your Lies Holly Wars Discord Among the Men Petrify Hate In the Heart of a Race The Son Image and Resemblance Born to be Dead Buried in the Shadows of Ignorance Learn to Hate your God Fell the Death’s Embrace Crept for Salvation Forever Failure
ENDLESS SUFFERING Mind and Soul Are Tormented by Ghosts Of Past Living in a Sphere Of Disillusions Sleeping in Sadness The Cursed Celebration Drinking Blood Like Wine Bodies Burning Like Candles In Flames Of Sin Endless Suffering For my Life Of Sin Endless Suffering For every son of God Sleeping In Arms Of God An Asylum For a Tortured Soul Displaying Wounds of Time In This Endless Suffering
KARMIC EXISTENCE Born in Degradation of Original Sin Convict to Eternal Failure Every Disgrace in Life Has a Explication in our past Existence United by a false doctrine The Heresy Sentenced to Eternal Fire Degradation of Original Sin Inside this Insane cycle It’s necessary the acceptation of humility Arrested in False Destiny Arrested in False Belief Spiritual Rules That Make us paying for World’s Crimes Past Existence Convict to us a Karmic Existence
SUFFOCATED Your ignorance suffocates me Your weakness makes me depressed With a soul full of hypocrisy and pain You carry the world’s burden That spins because of your mistakes Always bleeding Sew your mouth with lies Blindfolded by illusions You met the pain from my hands You saw terror in my eyes Life kills slowly Reality wounds like razors Action – Reaction Ignorance – Submission Dead Massacrated in the whole fuck’n decadence Life set with failure Dreams now belong to a distant past
THE ESSENCE OF CHAOS The life is lost But never forgotten We kill God In essence of chaos Humans dying in womb Buried in same tomb Dying in womb Womb - Tomb Reflecting the cruel part of your soul Run through the dark fields We kill God In essence of chaos Outside they know death is waiting Life burning in karma Generating cause and effects laws Forgetfulness of your past Betrayed by your own words
SLAVERY MENTAL STATE Mental Works Heart Beats Blame For My Pain In Slavery Mental State Your Mind Belongs To Me
HUMAN REMAINS Looking Through Nails of Your Cross You’ve seen a Wicked World In Final State of Depression Find your Heal in the Ways of Suicide God convicts me with Frustration Pain – My compassion is lost All my Desires Lost in Vain I Wash My Hands The Sin of Omission You’re Dead – Without a Face The Men are Responsible for Your Existence Human Remains Putrefy – Purulent Contaminated Blood The Semen of Hate Ejaculated in the Face of Poor of Souls I’m a Human Remains
MESSAGES OF A FAILED MESSIAH Destiny A Shadow In Life Of Men Creating Religions To Understand The Natural Things Believing In Words Of A Failed Messiah Your Worst Enemy Breaking Dogmas Of Church Showing The Truth Breaking Beliefs Messages Of A Failed Messiah Words Guiding Life Messages Of A Failed Messiah Show The Truth To Us Crying for eternity Feelings the remorse of each evil ghost Kill the gods And hear the screams of another crucifixion Cause a new life is waiting for you Making Questions About Death Purification be in Pain Pleasure in Pain – Sadomized Humans Full Of Sin The voice of Knowledge Back to the dark Everything is out of control Blindness and decay The torment without end
CONVICT TO LIVE IN PAIN Eternal hate Make us kill Morbid smile, sadist Forsaken by god Convict to live in pain Confined Cloisted in your dreams Only dead is real Act of suffering Crucifixion of Christ Tears of blood Cry of terror Forsaken by god In this cursed place Convict to live in pain Only dead is real Attached hands The solution escapes from my hands Blind eyes Life pass before my eyes Broken bones Dead feelings Your brain now is raped Chaotic state of mind Confined to live in pain Confined to die alone
BITTER TASTE OF DISILLUSIONMENT Denning my master I cannot believe in pain The occult power Left in a world – out of light Fraught Of Melancholia Walking Through ways of Infinite Sadness Lamentations of Unholy Ghosts Proving the Bitter Taste Of Disillusionment Bitter Taste Of Disillusionment Dropped on your Knees Life of a Deathless Weeper Sweet Vengeance Proving the bitter taste of your infinite failure Pain Of Immortal Remorse Incredulous I still Believe in Nothing In life of a Deathless Weeper Bitter Laments of a Weak one Unholy Speech Declare to the World My Eternal Supremacy
LAST CLEAR SIGHT Vain toughts of desappointment Hard to rebel against your mind Shadows covering last clear sight Murdered attempts drifting behind Blindfolded man glidding over blank walls Seeking scraps of old time answers Too proud to admit failure Sinking down on flooding displeasure Closed shell to hide Easy to pretend outside Further trough the surface Over comes constant disgrace Faith has gone, cant reach salvation Hypocrite speech to self-conceit Whole life curse of dissolved memories Slow to accept the right time to cease


The Brazilian death metal reached a new level with CLAWN’s debut cd. “Deathless Beauty of Silence” is mortal and intense, everything was made to punish your mind and turn your brains to liquid.

Expect no mercy just pure aggression, ripping riffs, furious vocals and obsessive female drum work. This sick sewage trio explores death in a blasphemous way, all in a top-notch production and mastered by Scott Hull (Nile, Pig Destroyer, Suffocation, etc.).

For freaks into Obituary, Morbid Angel and Incantation. Fuck the speed. Say hello to brutality. A new path on Brazilian death metal is open. Follow them now!!!


released October 18, 2013

Recorded, produced and mixed by Leandro “The Heretic” Zacarin & Robson Peres
Co-Produced by Clawn
All tracks recorded and mixed on various occasions 2002/2003 at G3 Studio, Bauru/SP- Brazil, except tracks 4, 6, 11 - October 2004
Keyboards on “My Word Against Your Lies”/ “Slavery Mental State” by Gustavo Gori
All music and lyrics by Clawn
All material mastered by Scott Hull - February 2005 at Visceral Sound in Pooks Hill, Maryland/USA
Band Pics by Leo Cavalcanti
Cover illustration by Anderson L. A.

Fábio Gonçalves (Vocals, Guitars)
Rodolfo (Vocals, Bass)
Melissa (Drums)



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Black Hole Productions Joinville, Brazil

Impressive Demolish Music Arsenal

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