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Trapped in a bleeding heart A feeling becoming stronger But you have learned You can't achieve The hate that flows Inside your blood It makes part of your life Why should you deny it? Expose your hate Induced by religious shit And all the social conventions The forgiveness comes first Showing the other face While the real desire Consumes you internally To transform this hate In one weapon to fight Expose your hate Only the weaks Show the other face Don't be like them Expose your hate Only the cowards Show the other face Use your anger Expose your hate Expose your hate
Enjoy the plenitude of sin Not a limited life While someone born to obey We were born to sin! Living to sin Sin to live
Civilization based on the Christian morality Precepts taken from the holy bible A book of lies leading the blinds Dangerous mistakes of human culture Bible bullshit Open your mind, not your bible This book is the enemy of truth Servitude in the name of god This god is the enemy of truth
Open your eyes to racism Wake up Open your eyes to hypocrisy Wake up Wake up to reality Open your eyes to prejudice Wake up Open your eyes to misery Wake up Wake up to reality
Sometimes I think about the life This life of traps and disappointment It’s not so easy to me; it’s not so easy to you Accept the truth: forget your dreams! You don't have control But can choose Living with intensity Nothing to lose Life of dreams, predestinated to failure Because we believe in the human relationships, So stronger and lasting than breeze So true than immortality of flesh! Condemned human relationships Realization and deception always walk together
Methods of control Agents of alienation Against new perspectives Massive media intervention Manipulated interpretations contaminating you To hinder your own vision of truth I see... Lies and manipulation I feel... The media virus If you try to see the world with a different view More complete will be your comprehension about it
There’s no blind justice There’s only a corrupt system There’s no hell or heaven There are only false prophets There’s no respect or comprehension There’s only racial intolerance There’s no wonderful world There are only fuckin’ lies
The fear takes care of me My reasons in the darkness Solitude among the walls Unnecessary suffering For a peculiar reason...murder! Without hope Confined to grating Distrust, betrayal and madness You are a prisioner Without freedom Abandoned by my family and friends The solitude consumes me The hate becomes a weapon, becoming worse
Mutilation, torture, vivisection Killing animals for the human greed Suffering, cruelty and pain Condemnation to the animals species Defenseless creatures victimized In the world of bloody profits Pleasure to kill and pleasure to hurt Despise for animal life Hear the cry and feel the pain Agonizing like a human Why can’t we understand this suffering? Despise for animal life
Lost steps in the obscure ways of life Walking with eyes blinded by the truth Our world is fake and the reality is a farce The true sense of things needs to appear Day by day the truth invades my mind Day by day the doubt takes my life Day by day the truth blinds my eyes Day by day the doubt makes me die Illusions What is real? Inevitable Corrosion of truth
I need a moment of reflection To think about my life We need a moment of reflection To stop the alienation Stop and reflect The time is a precious thing In this day of fuckin routine In a short time you'll have Opportunity to change your life
Chemical incessant pollution Infects the earth The sick planet breathes Deadly toxic gases Indiscriminate extraction Of nature recourses Condemns the human existence To the inevitable and voluntary end Appreciate the dying planet Process of self-destruction Appreciate the dying planet Complete world degradation Extinction, we pay the price Poisonous water and killing air Effects of industrial contamination Greedy minds hunger for profits Provoking our obliteration
Apathy is all that I see What’s happen to you? Your conformity scares me Shameful conformation posture Passive attitude about the life You don’t accept the truth Because reject the reality And just see what you want Agreement Apathic life No more indifference Change your mind Where’s your indignation? Where’s your revolt? Where’s your repugnancy? Show me some kind of reaction
Ignorance nourishes ignorance The truth can be so cruel An illusory life just to be conformed Blindness engendering ignorance Accept the inevitable situation Your weak vision of reality Creates a disastrous knowledge Knowledge established by ignorance Reality phobia Blindness engendering ignorance Idiot questions provoke severe answers To destroy the walls of the common sense In front of the world’s complexity A critic mind is all you need
Why do you need god to live? You should think about that Apparently one complex question But so simple to find the answer Deny your god Believe in yourself Refused god When you decide to guide your own steps You’ll see that god means nothing You may have the control of your life Deny your god Believe in yourself Refused god Be your own god Be your religion Fuck the idolatry No more submissions
Misery, hunger and death Consequences of war Tanks smashing the liberty The hunger consumes the survivors Ruins and the devastation Representing the total chaos Misery, hunger and death Consequences of war
Look around you, look into yourself You’ll find the true instinct A chronic predatory feeling The cruel essence of human kind Hidden inside of us Inherent human cruelty Unable to resist Rational posture for a harmonious life The only way to keep us safe From the most savage beast Hate runs in our veins The real human nature Inherent human cruelty Unable to resist Rational capacity versus animosity Perpetual human dualism Feel the inherent cruelty Present in you, present in me Homo homini lupus est


Grindcore on its maximum state of violence and aggression.
In a vein of Napalm Death/Nasum. Mastered by Mieszko T. (Nasum)

Expose Your Hate is:
Fernando Lima: Guitars
Luiz Cláudio: Vocals
Victor Fábio: Drums
Cláudio Slayer: Bass


released October 19, 2013



all rights reserved



Black Hole Productions Joinville, Brazil

Impressive Demolish Music Arsenal

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