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FLESH GRINDER Brazil’s goriest, most grinding and blood-puking monstrosity returns with its latest release since the “Crumb’s Crunchy Delights Organization” album!

The new EP, “Necrofiles” is five searingly repulsive new tracks, furious, ferocious and saturated with pathological grit and gore! Lovers of macabre cheese and blazing, grinding metal should help themselves to a serving while it’s hot!


released February 27, 2013

Fábio Gorresen (Vocals and Guitars)
Rogério Murara (Vocals and Bass)
Daniel Henriques (Drums)

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered
at Vortex Studio, Joinville / SC, Brazil
July - September 2012
Produced by Flesh Grinder
Songs and Lyrics by Flesh Grinder
Cover by Remy C. (Headsplitdesign)
Art Direction by Fernando Camacho


all rights reserved



Black Hole Productions Joinville, Brazil

Impressive Demolish Music Arsenal

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Track Name: Curious Collection
Curious Collection

A curious collection pieces of the macabre
From bizarre to mortal
All painted in blood
From a vodu shop
Unburied corpses
Antique jars
All painted in blood

Bones i saw
Victims i murder
Organs i keep
The graves i robber

Cancerous and cancreous
Boiled and rotten
Cursed and dead
Track Name: Maniac (Vile Tomb)
Maniac (Vile Tomb)

Enter your maze
To diggin graves

Vile tomb
Rotten and wet
Remains of the dead

Vile doom
Sick and gore
Dead whores

Vile scum
Bring to your world

Dead are not buried
Rotting out of this grave
All night murmurs that creeps
Fear that freeze
Regreats not in his face or soul
Empty emotions just seeking for blood
Track Name: Rotten Gore Insanity
Rotten Gore Insanity

Brain demage fun for kill
No pill for this
Only will to kill
Defiling graves
To dead flesh
Rotten gore insanity
This night is for the murders
This night is fot the blood

Bodies parts
Bags, blades, gloves
And the party begins
One more time
Dead will be desecrate
In the night of blood murders
Track Name: Sick Revolting Guts
Sick Revolting Guts

Sick revolting guts
In nasty room
Scrubs in red
Grab innards
Sick revolting guts
Parasite feast

Put the patience to sleep
With sharp blade
To grab

Sick revolting guts

Sick revolting guts
Green mass of shit
For disgust sick
Revolting scene to see
Track Name: Abracadaver

Applaud the next act
We show you the blood
Spills in audience
This night the gore rools

The corpse is ready

Cut with saw
Blood in first act

Hide the blade in flesh
The wizard of gore does
Entrails from a hat
The crowd gonna be dead

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