Save Us From Ourselves


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"Privillege Walls" Counteract, powerback no more lies, Facts are fraud, mass control, Gentrification Privilege Walls Break your chains Power owners launch their offensive Segregation coordinated by the state Break the walls, Organize Self defense, Chord Revenge! Confront the oppressors, Freedom or slavery Face to face, Unity of the oppressed Organize the rebellion, Hope for change Take your destiny in your hands Seek for revenge
“It's Not your Business" Lift your head, set the rules of your life Fight for your integrity, Fight for your pride Don´t be silent, do not be afraid Break the laws, ease your pain Show your weapons, Spit in their face, All I see don’t want to be All I see don’t want to speak All I see don´t want to see Won´t to control your body, Won´t to control your mind Want to control your actions, stand up and rise All I see don’t want to be All I see don’t want to speak All I see don´t want to see Don´t be silent, do not be afraid Break the laws, ease your pain
"Save Us From Ourselves" Blindness, out of control, hatred and no compassion Living like zombies killing to survive, world of pain Weakened, easy prey, to leaders who preach hate Venomous kiss of death Save us from ourselves / Symphony of a tragedy Save us from ourselves / Fight for justice Your nightmare has just begun, reacting intolerance Find strength, through union, resistance, wake up Only way to exist, lives likes yours To survive we must, change the order
"Black Blood" Blood-thirsty, gray pigs Genocidal march, shadow of the white devil Our skin, our soul, a bullet in our heart, they want our blood, they want our submissive bodies When you know! we been hurt! No one cares! Rise against the aggressors, take pride in our black blood Silently! avoids me! wishes me death! My side, another cry, stay alive My side, another cry, stay alive Rise against the aggressors, say it loud black and proud!
"Bleesed by money" Subversive lies, Despair for power The announced fall, Control denied Hidden stories, Begging for blood Song of redemption, Mask of illusion Blessed by money, Symbols of falsehood Slave of power, Bounty Hunter Global lunacy, Fears equality Who shall benefit? One by one Glory for perversion, Mass reaction Stuckin its madness, Fear of rejection Blessed by money, Symbols of falsehood Slave of power, Bounty Hunter Acid taste, mindless dogs, bloodbath, Infinite pain, Poverty and misery Devourer of souls, Money is your god
"Bridges to a new dawn" Look at the sky, the time has come Ancient walls in the name of fear Centuries of hatred, no chance of redemption Nothing alive, the eternal resentment Bridges a new dawn We want revenge! We want a land! To deliver our souls! We seek for justice, We seek what's right Facing our fears, Sheding our blood, Cutting our flesh To offer our lives To honour our past And seal! Our fate! Bridges A new dawn fire crosses the sky, now its time to fight bridges to climb, prepared to die Bridges are falling, Time for retribution no chance of redemption the start of a new time the end of all illusion All agony! our pain Their greed in vain!
"Corrosion" Disorder, misery, corrosion Paralyzed by fear, Governance of corporations fascist regime, Genocides of hungry nations Your heartstrings Your heartstrings break Your lying speech Your lying speech, hypocrite Easy prey, conformed, dictators All compassion nulllified Declare war, organize confrontation Break down the walls, beat down the opposition Heartstrings Your heartstrings Lying speech Your lying speech, Deceiver! Disorder, misery, corrosion Easy prey, conformed, dictators Heads of shit, we kick your ass, you're worms.
"Binary Collapse" Erase your face, delete yourself, shut down illusion, turn off mind function Spy exploitation promote wars silently, Secrets lea-kd reveals a scheme Mercenary business sowing hatred Malicious codes by selling information Erase your face, delete yourself, shut down illusion! turn off mind function Sucking Your Routine / Stealing Your Life Corrupted privacy! deceiving policies! binary collapse! Erase your face, delete yourself, shut down illusion, turn off mind function. Data used to control you, try to escape from alienation
"Exist and Resist" Lives punished by the state, dynasties with eyes in the past. Times of inquisition Blessed by capital, in the arteries of those who profit, blood of the exploited People resist! People exist! Far from gain! Far from ignorance! Resistance, Existence! Fight for survive, Rise beyond hate No retreat, no pacifism, All resistance must be organized By any means necessary Existence, Resistence! Resistence, Existence Rise for the fight, prepare for battle! Now is the time to show our weapons to the genocidals of capitalism! The over-exploited nations, held captive by a system of oppression and spoliation, rebel through the hands of their people, tired and massacred by the scourge of the whip. All working people of the world, exploited majorities, women, oppressed races, native people, unite! The time has come when the struggle is necessary, facing our tormentors to wake up to a new dawn, a new society: free, egalitarian and for a world where our fate is in our hands! No masters, no gods, no slave lords!


After the excellent repercussion and partnership on the Split CD with his Grind mates Homicide in 2016, Desalmado and Black Hole Productions are back together for the band's most important release: Save Us From Ourselves, their third, newest and most awaited album.

As a novelty, for the first time the lyrics will be entirely in English, but the whole theme, heavy and brutality of the previous releases plus the essence of classic genres such as Grind, Crust and even Death Metal remain intact, giving Desalmado an own and unique sound.

Save Us From Ourselves is the most careful production of the whole band's discography in all aspects. Recorded at Family Mob Studio in São Paulo, the album was produced and mixed by the band itself and Hugo Silva and mastered via Absolute Master.

Fãs de Napalm Death, Ratos de Porão, Sepultura, Morbid Angel… ENJOY!!!

= = =

Após a excelente repercussão e a parceria no Split CD com o Homicide em 2016, o Desalmado e a Black Hole Productions estão novamente juntos para o lançamento do mais importante trabalho da banda: Save Us From Ourselves, seu terceiro, mais novo e aguardado álbum. Novas informações em breve.

Como novidade, pela primeira vez as letras estarão totalmente em Inglês, porém a temática, o peso e a brutalidade dos lançamentos anteriores somados a essência de gêneros como o Grind, Crust e até mesmo o Death Metal continuam intactos, o que rendeu ainda mais ao Desalmado uma sonoridade própria e única.

Save Us From Ourselves é a produção mais cuidadosa da discografia da banda em todos os aspectos, gravado no estúdio Family Mob, em São Paulo o álbum foi produzido e mixado pela própria banda e Hugo Silva e masterizado via Absolute Master.

Fãs de Napalm Death, Ratos de Porão, Sepultura, Morbid Angel… ENJOY!!!


released February 6, 2018

Produced by Hugo Silva & Desalmado
Mixed by Hugo Silva
Recorded at Family Mob Studio - São Paulo, Brazil 2017

All music & lyrics by Desalmado
Drums on 'Bridges to a new dawn' by Raphael Miranda
Percussion on 'S.U.F.O.' by Thiago Sonho
Speech on 'Exist and Resist' by Leo Mesquita
Band photo by Diego Cagnato
Live photos by Marina Melchers
Cover and poster artwork by Jeca Paul

Black Hole Productions (BHP 041)


all rights reserved



Black Hole Productions Joinville, Brazil

Impressive Demolish Music Arsenal

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