Show​-​off Cadavers – The Anatomy of Self Display


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DETAILED BYPASS SURGICAL PROCEDURE (WHOLE VENA-CAVA ANASTOMOSIS) It consists in an anastomosis between the portal vein and the interior vena cava. When the portal blood is deviated from the vena cava, the pressure over the portal system is diminished and danger of hemorrhage from esophagus and gastric varicosity is reduced. When the vena cava can not be used because of an obstruction by thrombosis or any other reason one proceeds by a spleen-renal deviation between the spleen vena and the renal left vena.
FORENSIC EVIDENCES: DETAILED ENTOMOLOGICAL CALCULATIONS (REAR MAGGOTS TO ADULTHOOD TO IDENTIFY SPECIES) – A P.M.I PREVIEW BY CADAVERIC FAUNA ANALYSIS Collect a range of maggots, (particularly those that might be the oldest) from the body and rear them (on ox-liver) at constant temperature. Record time taken until larvae pupate. Keep pupae until adults emerge. Identify fly species from adult characteristics. For some species, identification from larval features may be possible or they can be identified from DNA samples, if a DNA library is available.
MISCARRIAGE CONCEPTIONS IN OBSTETRICIA Abortion in obstetrics is considered the interruption of pregnancy whether in spontaneous, legal or criminal instances, before the fetus is able for life, that is to say, to live outside of the uterus, what may arrive from seven months of pregnancy on. The birth at seven or eight months is not considered as abortion, but premature delivery.
PHAGOCYTE DYSFUNCTIONS BY THE INCREASING OF BACTERIAL INFECTIONS INCIDENCE They usually show troubles for the phagocyte cells. The Job’s syndrome develops some fungus infections such as candidiasis and viral infections by herpes and simple varicella, suffering from tuberculosis and recurring furunculosis. Other ones are skin abscess, chronic eczema, dermatitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and chronic and medium otitis and sinusitis. The white cells of blood are incapable of producing an inflammatory response to skin infections which results on the production of cold abscess deeply located, absent in signs and classical symptoms of INFLAMMATION!!!
PNEUMO-DIFFUSION DYSFUNCTIONS FOR ANATOMO-PATHOLOGICAL ABNORMALITIES OF THE DIFFUSING MEMBRANES The clinical and functional aspects alterations in pneumo-diffusion include some diffuse lung injuries, fine disseminate reduction, saturation of the arterial oxygen tension and reduced lung volume conserving the maximum breath. The capacity is relatively normal. Other aspects include hyperventilation, tensions of the alveolar oxygen, reduced diffusing pulmonary capacity, variable degrees of polycythemia, dyspnea, cyanosis, and pulmonary hypertension. Some alterations of the diffusing membrane can be fulfilled through surgery when prematurely diagnosed.
MALIGNANT OBSTRUCTION OF THE BILIOUS EFFLUX IN CHRONIC CHOLECYSTITIS When there is obstruction of the bile efflux, the remaining bile within the vesicle initiates a chemical reaction when autolysis and edema arrive. The bilious vesicle blood veins are then compressed and which compromises its vascular supplement, which causes most time gangrene with perforation of the suffering organs.
(TIPS) TRANS-JUGULAR INTRA-HEPATIC PORTA-SYSTEMIC SHUNTS It consists in a method for treatment of the esophagus varicosity, which a slight pipe is introduced inside the portal vein through trans-jugular way. An expansible catheter is introduced as an inside-liver deviation between circulation of the portal vein and hepatic vein, producing a portal hypertension in consequence.
IMPRESSIVE “HANDS-ON”: THE SENIOR PATHOLOGIST’S AUTOPSY TECHNIQUE To hold a beautiful looking, cutout kidney in ones hand with open/closed eyes in standing while connecting with ones own kidneys at the same time. Touching the slippery falciform & cruciate ligaments of the liver, or the round & broad ligaments of the uterus. Or reaching behind the sternum to feel the tough sheet of the mediastinum attaching to its middle. Palpating with closed eyes the dura mater of the cut open brain while he exerted a lateral pull on both ears of that scull. The effect inside the scull could be clearly felt, at least when he pulled with strong (10 pounds) force.
PROFUSE HEMORRHAGE FROM BOTTOM ESOPHAGUS SUB-MUCOUS VARICOSITY It can result in hemorrhage chock inducing lessening of cerebral, liver and kidney perfusion with enlargement of nitrogen, through bleeding from the gastric and intestine passage and enlargement of the ammonia serum level with consequent higher risk of encephalic PATHOLOGY!!! There is suspicion of esophagus hemorrhage in presence of hematosis and melena.
INSALUBRIOUS FORMATION OF THE COLLATERAL BLOOD VASES IN THE WHOLE GASTRO-ENTEROLOGICAL TRACT There will be an obstruction in the blood flow through the liver in consequence of the fiber alterations. Deviation of the blood from the portal vases, into the blood vases, which show to be prominent and distended, are visible to abdominal inspection. Esophagus, stomach and bottom rectum are the most common locals to the forming of collateral blood vases. Whenever there is distension, they can form varicosity or hemorrhoids depending upon their localization.


The doors of the most obscure and cold morgue are open again to show that Lymphatic Phlegm’s decomposing promise to bring you the terrible beauty of anatomy is here.

For sure this long-awaited second full-length cd is the apice on their autopsying carrer. Surgical concepted and well produced had also a compulsive mastering by Scott Hull (Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Pig Destroyer, Suffocation, etc.).

Everything is still intact waiting for your “hands on” and you will live again that dream anatomy experience.

Crawl into this anatomical cave, and be forever changed.


released October 17, 2013

• Recorded & Arranged By Lymphatic Phlegm.
• Engineered By Fabiano de Castro.
• Mixed By Fabiano de Castro & Lymphatic Phlegm.
• Recorded In March 04, 15 & May 20 & Mixed In October 03 & November 24 / 2006 at Coda Studio, Curitiba / PR – Brazil.
• Mastered In January / 2007 By Scott Hull At Visceral Sound, Pooks Hill / Maryland – U.S.A.
• All Songs By Lymphatic Phlegm Except “Gynaecological Sickness” Originally By Pathologist.
• All Lyrics By André Luiz Except “Gynaecological Sickness” Originally By Cyklo / Pathologist.
• Intros’ Production By Wolf Lutemkrat At Lutemkrat Studio, Curitiba / PR – Brazil.
• Art Direction By Fernando Camacho.



all rights reserved



Black Hole Productions Joinville, Brazil

Impressive Demolish Music Arsenal

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