Under a Black Sun


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Conceived on the legendary Gaucho legacy of Brutal Death Metal forged by seminal names such as Krisiun, Nephast and Rebaellium passing by the exponent new generation of Exterminate, Bloodwork and Burn the Mankind, DYINGBREED rescues and highlights all the essence and characteristics of the genre in his new album .

Contemplate the destruction of the essence of the human being, Brutal Death Metal in the conception of the word, technical and overwhelming. A must for maniacs worshiping classics like Morbid Angel, Deicide and Cannibal Corpse.

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Concebido sobre o lendário legado Gaúcho do Brutal Death Metal forjado por nomes seminais como Krisiun, Nephast e Rebaellium passando pela expoente nova geração de Exterminate, Bloodwork e Burn the Mankind, o DYINGBREED resgata e evidencia toda a essência e características do gênero em seu novo álbum.

Contemple a destruição da essência do ser humano, Brutal Death Metal na concepção da palavra, técnico e avassalador. Um dever para maníacos adoradores de clássicos como Morbid Angel, Deicide e Cannibal Corpse.


released December 17, 2018

Recorded & produced by Thiago Caurio at Black Stork Studio, Brazil (2017)
Mixed by Benhur Lima at Black Stork Studio, Brazil (2018)
Mastered by Absolute Master, Brazil (2018)
Cover art by Rafael Tavares
Art Direction & Design by Fernando Camacho

Black Hole Productions (BHP 045)



all rights reserved



Black Hole Productions Joinville, Brazil

Impressive Demolish Music Arsenal

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Track Name: Agent Of Chaos
Die alone with faith
Of your atrophied mind
Monsters full of wrath
Always bring you down
I can see your face
Deny the fucking book
Cut the flesh and kill
Drown in disgust

Agent of Chaos

Condemned to live in chains
It´s time to feel the terror
Worship your god of fear
You´re bleeding to death
Salvation will not come
Suffering you pray
Emptiness and pain
Drown in misery
Track Name: Scum Of Earth
Dying for the god of light
Praying for their shit divine
Draining the reasons to live

Make this this world your grave
The scars will never heal
And more blood will be shed

Reborn of the dark ages
The worms will be your priest
There´s no truth and no life

Scum of Earth
Time has come to hate
A life for you in hell
In darkness you will rest

Above the realms of light
Your world is rotten black
The end is coming near

Father of chaos, mother of death
Are you here, for eat our souls
Praying for mercy, the scum of earth
Servant of light, the night will rise

Track Name: Crawling
Crawling in your church
Eyes filled with hate
Deceived by the almighty
Darkness has arrived
Mirrors on your mind
Driving you insane
All the dreams you fear
Locked in pain

Lying you pray
Existence declines
Blood on your mind
Extinction mankind

Trust the cross
Believe in lies
Track Name: Season Of The Undead
Hiding in shadows
You wait for the blood
Crawling in darkness
You wait for the end
Sickening lies
Planted in soul
Hiding in dusk
You wait for your death

Season of the undead
Symbol of lies
The wrath of the abyss
Ending your life
Trapped in a dream
Darkest one
To escape is to die
Die upon the cross
Die for the lord

Crawling in darkness
You wait for your god
Hiding in shadows
You wait for the end

Twisted by Faith
In shadow remains
Wish for the death
Ending your dreams
Killed by the light
Deny the cross
Deny the ruler
Deny the lord
Track Name: The Great Lie
To feed the great hunger
Now you must to die
Death can set you free
Behold the burning fire

Womb of hate
Feeded by anger
Unborn one
In sacred flames

Feed by the vermin
By pleasures of the flesh
Starving for salvation
Crowned by the greed

Of hate
Servant of blood, bringer of pain
To feed the great lie, you carry the cross
Track Name: Under A Black Sun
Father of death
Master of chaos
Blessed by filth
For I am no one
The cross burned black
The darkness above
The coming storm
Under a black sun

Rejoice in silence
Crushed to dust
Reaches for the dark
Show them all your hate

Rejoice in silence
Crushed to dust
Reaches for the dark
Show them all your might

Can you taste the life - Under a black sun
Chained by fear - Under a black sun
In flames you must reborn - Under a black sun
Death can set you free - Under a black sun

Longing to die
Bloodstained flesh
Presence of light
Under a black sun
Track Name: An Eye For An Eye
I am in a dawn of madness
I want to seek your blood
I want to feel your sorrow
Condemned to live in chains

Blood, pain, torture
Bastards crying!
Knives are ready
Bastards die!

An eye for an eye
Be prepared for surprise
Slowly the blood will flow
With knives it will be fucked!

I want to see you praying
I want to see you crying
I want to see you dying
Death is the only way
Track Name: Real Faith
Why do you hold the cross?
Praying for you shit-god
Open your lifeless eyes
Now you can´t deny

Your lord is made of lies
Condemned to believe
In a dying man
That´s the real Faith

Dying god
Filled with pain

You need his blood to live
Another soul to rape
Show no mercy now
That’s the real Faith

To the cross
For divine
Track Name: To Breathe Is Your Disease
Fuck your way in Christ
In shadow you remain
Living like a slave
In shadow you decay


Living like a slave
Sick and sad lies
Forbidden to deny
The law of the pigs

There´s no more compassion
That´s the real faith
Treaded by superstition
To breathe is your disease
Tortured to confess
The cross awaits you
Any man is guilty
That´s the real faith
Track Name: Cold Grave
Filled with pain!!

Fade... From this rotting world
Earth… Is a cold grave
Evil… Wind is blowing through your soul
Fires… Of hell are burning bright

Dying world
Filled with pain
Dying world
Filled with hate

Slave… To the cross
Praying… For divine
Worst… Of dreams you ever feared
Dying… By your stupid faith

Sea of twisted shapes
Riding on blackest wind

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